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What might look like a typo in your eyes, is essentially the working title for this project. The project concept is to present the pristine beauty of our planet by loading satellite imagery of random locations. Today's tools make it feasible to see the world in its entirety, still there are so many places nobody sees. Although this may sound like a political statement, it isn't. It is solely the inspiration of nature. If at the same time it raises awareness of Earth's vulnerability, it then provides another greater value.

Now, lean back and enjoy the beauty of undiscovered places, while we're constantly looking for more. Clicking the imagery will give you more information on the specific location and also enable you to share it with your loved ones. In the meantime, bear with us, while we're working on new features.



Don't ask how I got the idea for this project, suddenly it was there! And it was great. It started as a thought when I was on my way to bed and I ingenuously decided against it, just to get that thing out of my head!

A few hours later, you may be surprised to learn, that it didn't work out. At least not right away! But Chuchichechocha was a breeze to develop.

Thanks to Google Maps with their gorgeous satellite imagery and its API, which is freely available, because it provided the foundation for this project. Thx also to the open-source community out there, with tools like jQuery and developers building plugins, it has never has been that easy before to do stuff.

The rest has been done by me, David Schmidt. I'm a freelance developer from Hamburg, Germany. You'll find me on individual8 or Google+. I am optimistically looking forward to your comments and questions.

Download the screensaver my colleague Martin created for your personal use...

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